Jun 02 - Oct 31, 2021

Graphic Designer required to create Flyers and Posters

Kind of opportunity: Skills for Good

Individual Opportunity

Karma points 90

Minimum Time Commitment 20h

I Want to Help

About the opportunity – Jeevana Samridhi is looking for volunteers who can support them in designing flyers and posters which will showcase the work done by them. 
About the organisation -   Jeevana Samridhi”, a social charitable trust was initiated by a few visionary professionals in Kerala. The trust strives to open up channels of solidarity and support to extremely needy sections of society, irrespective of caste or creed. One of the key current initiatives of the trust is “Outreach Child Support”, where more than 3100 children between kindergarten and high school are supported financially for payment of school fees
Work – Online
Opportunity Workflow: 
1.Discovery - Call with the NGO POC to understand the requirement
2.Design -  Study the requirement from the NGO
3.Develop - Start developing the final design after an approval on design phase
4.Deliver - Present the solution to the non-profit