Jan 08 - May 31, 2021

Volunteer as a content writer for Social Media post

Kind of opportunity: Skills for Good

Individual Opportunity

Karma points 100

Minimum Time Commitment 20h

I Want to Help

About the opportunity – The NGO is looking out for content writer volunteers who can help them in writing social media post so that they can showcase their work on digital platform
About the organisation -   Udaan Welfare Foundation works to provide timely and meaningful support to needy children, women & Senior Citizens by effectively implementing projects in the area of Health, Education and Nutrition, which have a sustainable,  cost effective and positive impact on society & Environment.
Work – Online
Opportunity Workflow: 
•Discovery - Call with the NGO POC to understand the requirement
•Design -  Draft the post for the NGO approval
•Develop - Start developing the final product after an approval on design phase
•Deliver - Present the solution to the non-profit