Feb 28 - Sep 30, 2022

Volunteer to support in utilizing google grant

Kind of opportunity: Skills for Good

Individual Opportunity

Karma points 100

Minimum Time Commitment 40h

I Want to Help

About the opportunity – Looking for a volunteer who can help us to connect people to our cause with ad grants.

About Organization-

They are voluntary, non-profitable, registered organization with a vision to succor in restoration of lost dignity, livelihood, equality, justice and peace in favor of downtrodden communities. The organization has its central office in Aligarh itself.

They have supported governmental programmes dealt with child labor, routine immunization, pulse polio programme, HIV/AIDS etc. The emphasis of their work is on awareness generation in terms of health education, rights and duties of the people, poverty alleviation, social issues and dissemination of schemes and programme related to development & welfare of general masses. In order to spawn understanding about these programmes, There team of volunteer organizes health camps, rallies, wall writing, group meetings, awareness generation camps and other activities of mass mobilization.At individual level they also organize counselling services for the restoration of self esteem, personal dignity and confidence of person with disability, AIDS patients and unemployed youth.

Work – Online

Opportunity Workflow: 

•Discovery - Call with the NGO POC to understand the requirement

•Deliver - Present the solution to the non-profit