MyKartavya is a unique platform that brings together skills and Values and enables the corporate ecosystem to contribute towards social upliftment of underserved communities through Non-profits.

A one-stop shop for all industry volunteerism.
Choose from 100s of volunteering opportunities put up by our 10,000 strong trusted NGO network from across India.
Track, monitor and evaluate your impact – Earn Karma Points.
An AI engine to help provide you with the most suited volunteering opportunity.
Volunteer from anywhere across the world.
Be a part of Nation-wide volunteering events.
Both Physical and virtual activities.
Measure your impact towards Sustainable Development Goals.
Track your volunteering hours.
Upload pictures while volunteering to get a social media shout-out from NASSCOM Foundation and MyKartavya.
Get Notified with all new opportunities in your region.
Rate and review each activity
Get detailed reports of your volunteering journey through our unique dashboard.