Aug 31 - Oct 31, 2022

Fight Against Misinformation

Kind of opportunity: Train for Good

Individual Opportunity

Karma points 30

Minimum Time Commitment 1h

From outright falsehoods and misleading data to bigotry and hate, everything is circulated on the internet these days. World’s largest private messaging platform: WhatsApp is also not free from all the misinformation.

With the current scenario on COVID-19, there is much fake news around how to get cured from this virus. For example – Eating garlic will help you get cured from this virus.

Join us in the #FightAgainstMisinformation by training just three of your closed ones on the ‘Best Practices against Misinformation on WhatsApp’. Register Now to become a part of this national movement to create a supportive ecosystem for the thousands of citizens who currently are still falling py to the monster of misinformation and fake news being spad through platforms like WhatsApp


Don’t know how to get started?

·         Download the curriculum.

·         Train 3 people on the same

·         Enter them as your beneficiary

·         Beneficiary will take the assessment test. 

·         Get a certificate from NASSCOM Foundation.